Best Gaming Mice of the Year

This was really a year for mousing companies to step up. Across the board we saw some of the best gaming mice EVER released during 2015. Some came from big names like Logitech and Razer, others came from lesser-known companies like Steelseries and Cyborg Gaming. All of them were impressive in their own right and we can only hope that the rest of this year as well as 2017 pushes gaming technology forward at the same pace we saw last year.


Logitech had a busy fiscal year. Let’s review a few of their releases:

  • G9X – The G9 is one of the best-selling gaming mice of all time, so there was a mix of excitement and anticipation as Logitech announced that they would be “refreshing” the mouse in 2011. Thankfully, that refresh consisted only of boosting the sensor’s DPI from 3,200 DPI to 5,700 DPI.
  • G500 – Another refresh to another popular product.  The G5 was another one of the best selling mice of all time and Logitech rewarded its loyal fans with a significant update. They upped the DPI from 2000 to 5700, added internal memory for macros, added three new buttons, added another button to switch between “infinite” and “click scrolling on the mouse wheel, and finally updated the vision appearance.  Whew!

Cyborg Gaming

  • RAT 7 – Cyborg Gaming gave us the RAT 7, one of the craziest looking mouse I have ever seen.  Sporting up to 5,700 DPI, an exclusive “Sniper” button, and the most (and weirdest) set of customizations we’ve ever seen, this offering from Mad Katz was definitely the most interesting of the year.


  • XaiAs one of the most affordable mice brought to market this year, we were impressed with the strong set of features offered, the understated design, and the number of customize-able items.


Razer was the busiest manufacturer, churning out 3 new designs and 1 refreshes last year.

  • Naga – Razer’s mouse designed exclusively for MMOs, it has a dial pad of buttons (literally) on the side which can be bound to macros.  It has Razer’s trademark sharp looks, rubberized design, and sturdy construction.
  • MambaRazer’s premium offering, the Mamba sports a blistering 5,700 DPI sensor, wireless performance better than most wired mice, and the same sharp looks of its brethren.
  • DeathAdder Refresh – Razer refreshed their ever-popular DeathAdder, giving it a new sensor to boost its DPI to 3,500.
  • Imperator – Another mid-level offering from Razer, the Imperator is a classically designed mouse with a 5,700 DPI sensor.

So out of all these worthy entrants, which can we declare the “best”?  That’s hard to do because these mice cover a wide range of prices.  At the high end we have the Naga, the Mamba, and the RAT 7 with each one topping $120.  The Steelseries Xai is the least expensive of the bunch at $35.  Picking one is impossible, so we’ll run down our top 3 picks of the year:

Steelseries has been just as solid with their mouse releases as Logitech

Steelseries has been just as solid with their mouse releases as Logitech


3: SteelSeries Xai

Though it might not boast the futuristic design of the RAT 7 nor does it have the alien appearance of Razer’s mice, the Xai is one of the best bargains to ever come to the gaming mouse market. At a mere $37, this mouse delivers the features of a premium mouse at a budget that just about anyone can afford. Adjustable DPI, great software to back it up, a comfortable grip, and a nice, if not flashy design really sealed the deal for us. We’d recommend this mouse to anyone who is looking for a truly inexpensive way to enjoy game.


2: Cyborg RAT 7

The customizability that comes with the RAT 7 leads us to poll it as one of the top mice of the year

The customizability that comes with the RAT 7 leads us to poll it as one of the top mice of the year

Not givingthis mouse its due would be a crime considering how popular and stable it has been in the industry. It boasts an insane number of customization options including the ability to switch the grip pads, adjust the weight, and physically manipulate the size of the mouse to fit your hand. Though we might stand alone, we really dig its futuristic look and its 5,700 DPI sensor. The sniper button is also really neat, it allows you to lower the DPI as long as its held down, making swapping DPI for sniping duties much easier.


1: Razer Mamba

Though other mice like the RAT 7 might have more customizations, the Razer Mamba was truly a game-changer, as it heralded the arrival of mainstream wireless gaming. It rocks a blistering 5,700 DPI sensor, has Razer’s distinctive stylings, and is one of the more comfortable mice we’ve tested. Though it clocks in at the higher end of the price range, we really believe that it is worth it. Amazon has it available with free shipping today, if you’d like to buy it.


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