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Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Review

g9x review

With its unique shape, variable-DPI, interchangeable weights, and a changeable form-factor, the Logitech G9X mouse certainly looks like it means business and with some high-tech hardware under the hood, the G9X is a formidable foe in the gaming mice arena. Even with stiff competition from competitors Microsoft and Logitech, the G9X is still among the …

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Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse

lachesis choosing a gaming mouse

With so many features and hoards of manufacturers to choose from, finding the best mouse for your computer isn’t easy. Companies like Logitech, Razer, and Microsoft continually turn out newer and better products with fancy-sounding features like “On-The-Fly-DPI”, “laser sensor”, or “fully customizable macros.” It’s no wonder most consumers feel overwhelmed when they start off. …

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Logitech G19 Keyboard

Though it isn’t a mouse, I thought I’d do a little teaser about the Logitech G19 Keyboard. Featuring Logitech’s first on-board color LCD screen, this is one keyboard we can’t wait to get our hands on.  The 320 x 240 LCD runs a whole bunch of widgets out of the box including Twitter, system stats, …

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Logitech Performance MX Mouse Review

Logitech Performance MX aesthetics

Introduction The Performance MX mouse is Logitech’s top-end home office and business mouse on the market. Accessories include a charging cable, a USB wall charger, Logitech’s proprietary Unifying USB receiver, handbooks, a DVD with common software drivers, and a carry case, though the mouse doesn’t fit particularly well into the case. We tested this mouse …

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Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Review

Sidewinder vs razer mamba

Overview The Sidewinder X8 is the wireless, feature-packed, latest addition of Microsoft’s popular Sidewinder series.  It sports the same blocky, quasi-futuristic look of its predecessors, the strange vertical side button layout, and the general chrome-y feel of its ancestors. The first thing we noticed was how comfortable the mouse was.  It fits in your hand …

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Razer DeathAdder Review

Razer Deathadder

Razer’s DeathAdder is the standard against which other gaming mice are measured. It is priced to be Razer’s “all around, catch-all” option, though it performs like a champ. Released a few years ago, this mouse can still bring it. It has fantastic hardware underneath its rubbery-coated top side. Underneath the hood, the DeathAdder now sports …

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Razer Mamba Review

The mouse in its resting position, with LED lighting, makes any gaming station look better

Wireless technology has afforded us great conveniences. No longer are we slaves to wired telephones, wired internet, or even wired keyboards and mice. Unfortunately for the serious gamer, early wireless peripherals were not up to snuff. Their low polling rate, poor connection stability, and bad battery life made many gamers swear wireless technology off for …

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Xai Laser Mouse Review

Introduction So many gaming mice today are the equivalent of mobile raves. They have bold styling, flashy LEDs, and light shows that would put most clubs to absolute shame. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but many gaming mouse are undoubtedly… bold… in their styling. Not every gamer, however, is into the glitz and the flash. …

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