HP Gaming Mouse with VooDooDNA Review


Hewlett-Packard, best known for their computers, has finally entered the gaming mice fray with this mouse, appropriately named simply “Gaming Mouse.” The VooDooDNA simply means that, while HP designed the mouse, the good folks over at VooDoo PC added valuable input or creative ideas. What parts specifically came from where isn’t clear, but that doesn’t matter. You will not find a better mouse at the $35 price point than this offering from HP.


voodoo dna mouseThis mouse is pretty cool looking. It has blue LEDs running down the middle of it and captures the futuristic-but-not-overly-so look that the gaming mouse industry has been going after for years (put it this way, it doesn’t look like something out of Stars Wars ala the latest Sidewinder x8 from Microsoft. When the LEDs glow, it adds a very cool effect to the overall black shiny aesthetic of this mouse.

Like many of its competitors, this mouse is really designed for right-handed gamers. Because of the thumb buttons and the contours of the mouse itself, it cannot comfortably be used by lefties. Speaking of the contours, this mouse feels fantastic in your hands. Your palm rests comfortably on the back and the buttons are all within reasonable reach. Having medium-sized hands, we can’t say if the buttons are spaced too far apart for gamers with smaller hands or shorter fingers, but we had no trouble reaching them (with room to spare!).

Underneath the Hood

This mouse sports a 3,200 DPI laser sensor, essentially the standard DPI these days. Laser sensors are generally incredibly precise and fun to use and this one is no different. In fact, we didn’t notice any real-world difference between this mouse’s precision and its much more expensive counterparts.

The HP Gaming Mouse features five buttons (left, right, scroll wheel, and two thumb buttons), all of which respond crisply and cleanly when depressed. The scroll wheel feels solid, tight, and well-constructed. Important to note that it is the “clicky” scroll wheel type, which shouldn’t make much of a difference when you’re gaming, but makes a tremendous difference to some users in general computing.


Without the ability to customize the button layouts and personalize the mouse, all of these features hp mouse voodoowould be useless. Luckily, HP has included some great software that allows the user to adjust every aspect of their gaming experience.

Not only is each button programmable, but the mouse supports up to five profiles, which allows you to have different button configurations depending on your game or application. The mouse does not support in-game profile switching. It must be done through the software, but that is to be expected on a sub-$40 dollar gaming mouse.

Each profile can also support any DPI, sensitivity, poll rate, and double-click speed desired by the user. Very handy!

Final Thoughts

HP has really hit the nail on the head (probably with lots of help from Voodoo) with this mouse. Sharp looks, great precision, solid customization, and good construction all make the HP Gaming Mouse one of the best buys on the market.

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