Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse Review

With its unique shape, variable-DPI, interchangeable weights, and a changeable form-factor, the Logitech G9X mouse certainly looks like it means business and with some high-tech hardware under the hood, the G9X is a formidable foe in the gaming mice arena. Even with stiff competition from competitors Microsoft and Logitech, the G9X is still among the best gaming mice on the market.

If there was a mantra for the G9X, it would be “customization! Customization! Customization!” and nothing makes that more apparent than the interchangeable hand grips and, while this might sound crazy, the grips do help improve mouse comfort and, combined with the ability to modify the weight, really make the G9x the most customizable mouse on the market. Aesthetically, users can also change the LED colors on the mouse itself.

g9x reviewIn terms of software customizations, the mouse features Logitech’s now-famous ability to switch the mouse from “click” scrolling to frictionless scroll which, while not the most useful for gaming, can be an incredibly handy feature for day-to-day mousing. Users also have the ability to adjust the DPI, which can cover any setting from 200 to 3200. While not the highest DPI out there (some Razer models can hit nearly 5,000 DPI), we’ve found that the sweet spot for gaming is generally between 2,500 – 3,200 DPI, a range the Logitech handles nicely.

The Logitech software supports five customized button profiles which allow gamers to quickly switch between layouts for different games or to switch between gaming and non-gaming modes. The G9 supports on-the-fly DPI adjustments and uses an LED screen to notify the user of the current setting.

We were really fans of this mouse and everything it had to offer.  Beyond its premium feature set, this mouse is still one of the most comfortable we’ve ever used and we appreciate the interchangable grips — they really make a difference during long gaming sessions.   So, without further ado, here are our final reviews:

Logitech G9X


  • Aesthetics
  • Mechanics
  • Price

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