Razer DeathAdder Review

Razer DeathadderRazer’s DeathAdder is the standard against which other gaming mice are measured. It is priced to be Razer’s “all around, catch-all” option, though it performs like a champ. Released a few years ago, this mouse can still bring it. It has fantastic hardware underneath its rubbery-coated top side. Underneath the hood, the DeathAdder now sports a 3,500 DPI infrared sensor (read more on sensor types). Also important to note, this mouse (like so many) is designed for right-handed use.

Ergonomics and Layout

The DeathAdder is laid out in classic mouse style. It has a scroll wheel, two main buttons, and two side-mounted thumb buttons. Though it doesn’t sport any really fancy flashing LEDs or anything, this mouse has it where it counts — comfort. It is extremely comfortable and fits great in many different hand types. The hard rubberized top of the mouse gives gamers a great grip. This material is so great, in fact, that we wished the entire mouse had been made out of it rather than the cheaper plastic that adorns the sides of the DeathAdder.

The mouse wheel is solid. There is no side-to-side wiggle or cheap construction used here and, truthfully, that’s a Deathadder unboxingwelcome change from many other “gaming” mice on the market. Scroll wheels, after all, are the most complicated moving part on a mouse and, as such, should feel solid when you take it out of the box (the DeathAdder does).

Though this mouse lacks the bells-and-whistles extra buttons of many other gaming mice, that is a welcome change. There are no other buttons to accidentally hit (such as the DPI adjustment buttons on certain other mice) and, truthfully, having two programmable buttons on top of your normal buttons covers about 99% of normal or gaming usage.

In Action

This mouse performs like a champion. Much like the other Razer products that have this sensor, the DeathAdder does not disappoint or lag. It is incredibly precise at 3,500 DPI, maybe even too precise for some gamers. We found that the contours of the mouse and its precise movement both in terms of optical sensor and in terms of button depression, made our gaming experience much, much more enjoyable.Razer Deathadder box

The software paired with the DeathAdder is also fantastic. Sliders help the user easily adjust the overall sensitivity, the X or Y axis sensitivity, assign button actions, turn on and off the lights, and create custom profiles. There is even a test area to make sure your double-click speed is where you want it. Razer has really thought of everything.

Final Thoughts

The DeathAdder is a great gaming mouse and will deliver top-notch performance at a pretty darn good price these days. It is solidly constructed, ergonomically sound, and has some great hardware inside of it. It’s really a great buy these days.

Razer DeathAdder


  • Aesthetics
  • Mechanics
  • Price

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